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A Filter is a set of criteria you use to select a set of funds, stocks or indexes. For example, you can select securities based on performance, company, market sector, asset type, etc. Once you have created a filter, you can run reports  on the securities it finds, or add them to a personal list for further analysis or inclusion in a portfolio. There are two types of filter available: Fund Filters and Stock Filters.

Fund Filter

The Fund Filter allows you to generate a Fund Report that is tailored to your specific requirements. Click the tabs at the top to select one or more of the following criteria.

Note: Unlike the Stock Filters, the Fund Filter is cumulative: information from all the tabs is combined in the final report.

You now have the following options:

Stock Filters

Stock Filters allow you to isolate and report on stocks, indexes and companies based on criteria that include percentage price change, revenue or income growth, industry and exchange.

Note: Unlike the Fund Filter, each Stock Filter generates a separate report; they cannot be combined.

When you have made all your selections, click Go. The selected Report appears.