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GlobeAdvisor Glossary

The following terms are used in GlobeAdvisor. Click on the name for more detailed information about how it is used in the program.

Advisor Preferences Default values which will appear whenever you create a portfolio or plan; for example, tax and inflation rates, and recurring investments.
Asset Allocation Plan You can create up to four different profiles for your client, illustrating different asset mixes.
Assistant You can delegate your assistants to sign on to and update all your GlobeAdvisor information, except for clients you have marked Confidential.
Cash Balance If you want to maintain a cash balance within a portfolio, to be used for purchasing securities, you must add it on the Portfolio Menu.
Client File A screen holding all personal information about your client, including address, employment, investment knowledge and objectives, and spouse and dependants.
Communication Log The Communications Log allows you to keep track of all your dealings with your clients. To reach this screen, click C in the Other column on the Client Report screen.
Disclosures A standard disclaimer added optionally to a presentation.
Exchange Code A suffix attached to a stock symbol indicating the exchange where it trades.
Filter A set of criteria that lets you create a list of funds (based on type, performance, rankings or holdings) or stocks (based on historical or intraday performance, or company financials). You can generate reports or save filters for future use.
Fundlist You can define lists of funds which you are interested in tracking. Select the funds you want using Filters or Reports, then save or edit the list on the Fund Report screen.
Other Investments GlobeAdvisor can only provide information on Canadian funds and North American stocks, but you can other securities to your portfolios by entering the information manually.
Portfolio A set of funds, stocks and other investments which you have set up for a client on GlobeAdvisor
Presentation A high-quality PDF report including details on client planners.
Profile Detailed background information on funds and companies
Stocklist You can define lists of stock which you are interested in tracking. To view your Stocklist, click My Stocklist on the Advisor home page.
Symbol Used to select funds or stocks for filters, reports profiles and presentations.