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Fund Alerts

About Fund Alerts: Once you have created a portfolio complete with funds, you are able to select the Fund Alerts you wish to receive.

All alerts will be sent to your primary e-mail address by default. To add or change the e-mail address to which the alerts are delivered please click on Change Email info. You may select to input up to three alternate e-mail addresses.

To set up your Fund Alerts, please follow these steps:

  1. From your list of funds please select the funds for which you wish to receive alerts. To do so, please check the box in the On/Off column. If the fund is not listed please click on Add/Delete Funds for this Portfolio. If you wish to stop receiving alerts for a fund, remove the check from the box beside the appropriate fund name.
  2. Select the alert(s) you wish to receive by checking the appropriate box(es). Please ensure that you enter any additional information in the required fields.
  3. Click Save Alert Settings. You will receive a confirmation that the alert settings have been saved successfully.

About the Alerts:

Target Price- allows you to set an upper and/or lower limit for a fund price. For example, you may select to be notified if the price of your mutual fund falls below $10 or rises above $15. This alert is available on a daily basis and is triggered after the closing fund prices are available, this usually takes place at approximately 7 p.m. EST.

% Change Since Last Valuation- this alert allows you to track the one day percentage change between the current day's adjusted net asset value (NAV) and the previous valuation's adjusted NAV. The alert occurs at most once a day and is sent after the nightly mutual fund update. It is re-enabled each morning.

% Change Since Last Alert- this alert is triggered if the price has fallen or risen the specified percentage since the last alert. The base price for the alert is the adjusted NAV at the time the alert is first enabled. The alert is automatically re-enabled after being triggered and the last notification price becomes the new base price.

Total Assets- allows you to be notified when the fund's assets rise or fall the specified percentage. This alert is automatically re-enabled once it has been triggered. The value of the total assets in the last notification becomes the new base total asset value.

Quartile Change- this alert notifies you when a fund changes quartiles from the previous month. This usually takes place by the eigth business day of the following month.

5-star Rating Change- allows you to receive notification when a fund changes 5-star ratings from the previous month and usually takes place by the eigth business day of the following month. The 5-star Rating is offered in conjunction with Algorithmics Inc. It is a simple rating for most mutual funds in Canada. Our 5-Star Ratings will help you understand how well each fund has been doing relative to similar funds. Funds are ranked from one to five stars, with the top ranked funds getting five stars and the lowest ranked funds getting one star.

Distributions- receive notification of distributions on the effective date. This alert will be received at approximately 7 p.m. EST the day prior to the effective date.

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