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Creating a Presentation

One of the most powerful features of GlobeAdvisor is the ability to create customized presentations for your clients. A presentation can include any or all of the following:

Note: To ensure the highest standards of print quality, presentations are created in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. If you do not have the (free) Acrobat Reader software, click Adobe Acrobat to download and install it. Normally, you would print out the report for your client, but if you want to provide it to them in electronic format, make sure they have the Acrobat Reader as well.

To create or edit a presentation, click Presentation in the Navigation Bar. If you have not already selected a client on another screen, the Select Client screen appears.

The Create/Edit Presentation screen appears.

The Presentation screen appears, with the following options:

Once you have included all the desired elements for this presentation, click Create Presentation. A preview of all the information in the presentation appears.

The report appears in Adobe Acrobat format. You now have the option of printing the presentation or saving it to a file.