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Surprises as of Jan 17, 2018
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ASML Holding ASML-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 1.25 1.77 41.60  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Ability Inc. (D) ABIL-Q US$ Sep 17 quarter - -0.12 -  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot News
Adtran ADTN-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter -0.04 0.05 225.00  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Alcoa Corp. AA-N C$ Dec 17 quarter 1.23 1.04 -15.45  Stock Today Chart Estimate Snapshot News
Bank Mutual Corporation BKMU-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.11 0.15 36.36  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Bank of America BAC-N US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.44 0.47 6.82  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Boston Private Financial Hdgs BPFH-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.23 0.22 -4.35  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Charles Schwab SCHW-N US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.41 0.44 7.32  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News Inc. CIIX-Q2 C$ Nov 17 quarter - -0.18 -  Stock Today Chart News
Community Trust Bancorp CTBI-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.76 0.72 -5.26  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Fastenal Co. FAST-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.45 0.45 0.00  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
First Bancorp Inc. (ME) FNLC-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter - 0.47 -  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot News
First Community Corp (SC) FCCO-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.29 0.28 -3.45  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Goldman Sachs GS-N US$ Dec 17 quarter 4.90 5.68 15.92  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot Recent News
Hancock Holding HBHC-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.83 0.86 3.61  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Kinder Morgan KMI-N US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.18 0.21 16.67  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot Recent News
Kure Technologies KUR.H-X C$ Nov 17 quarter - 0.00 -  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot News
NVE Corp. NVEC-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.63 0.78 23.81  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Navient Corporation SLM-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.19 0.19 0.00  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
PTC Inc. PTC-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.17 0.20 17.65  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Plexus PLXS-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.80 0.75 -6.25  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
US Bancorp USB-N US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.87 0.88 1.15  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
Union Bankshares UNB-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter - 0.53 -  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot News
Washington Federal WAFD-Q US$ Dec 17 quarter 0.51 0.59 15.69  Stock Today Chart Company Snapshot Estimate Snapshot News
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